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Quotes – Page 196 – Vidablogg
Quotes – Page 196 – Vidablogg
a piece of paper with the words i used to think i was overreacting now i
a woman with her hands on her face and the words, have you ever gotten in fight with someone because you told them what was both
Have You Ever Gotten In A Fight With Someone
Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone because you told them what was bothering you and instead of them apologizing, they find a way to make you feel bad about it. So you are left regretting even saying anything. – RELATIONSHIP RULES
an image with the words nobody apoloized for now they treat me, they just claimed me for how i react
a pink background with the words complaints about a problem without proposinging a solution is called w
18 Deep Wisdom Quotes - Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining.
people standing behind a fence with the words if we held one minutes science for every victim of
If we held one minutes silence for every victim of the holocaust... We would be silent for eleven and a half years
two crossed swords with a flower on the side and a quote above it that says, allow me to stand by your side & i'll'll always have you back
Scottish Proverb Forgive your enemiy, but remetber the bastard's name. - America’s best pics and videos