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four succulents are sitting on a window sill
Pastel Planter - Dalla Vita
The grooviest planter in all the land! The pastel planter is hands down a Dalla Vita all time fave! Available empty or adorned with a succulent, these colorful planters are the cutest way to add a spe
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden stool
Plant-o-Pedia: Silver Dollar Vine | Justina Blakeney
Plant-o-Pedia: Silver Dollar Vine
two vases with plants in them sitting on a table
13 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Plants
We're green with envy over these botanical paradises.
there are many different kinds of cactus in the pot on the white wooden table,
15 things every stylish girl has at home
Cactus in white pots More
a room filled with lots of plants and potted plants on shelves above the area rug
4 Ways Investing In Houseplants Can Help You
4 Ways Investing In Houseplants Can Help You
a potted plant on a wooden stand with white background and brown trimmings
Mother-in-law's tongue / Spider Plant. Great indoor plant!
many plants are growing on the shelves in this room
DIY INSPIRATION | File Cabinet Succulent Storage
ispdiy_succulentholder1 (scheduled via
a white vase with some green plants hanging from it's side on the wall
Nothing revives the home like some luscious green plants, they give good energy, purify the air and according to the age old rules of feng shui, they can sharpen focus and improve your health.
four glass terrariums with plants in them
Anthropologie Home & Living | ShopStyle
If you want to add some green to your decor, try these fun Anthropologie planetarium terrariums. Get some now on ShopStyle!
three potted cacti are sitting on a window sill
Interieur | 14x inspiratie voor vensterbank styling
Interieur | 12x inspiratie voor vensterbank styling - Woonblog
some plants are sitting on top of a dresser
5 x rotan
5 x ROTAN/ Exotische inspiratie met rotan / now on
many potted plants are sitting on the floor
Striped Woven Basket
Serious plant envy. More