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Schedule clients anytime, anywhere! Perfect for any industry (beauty, finance, consulting, wellness, etc). Features untimed slots, income + expense tracker…
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The perfect scheduling planner for beauty professionals ✨ #2024AppointmentBook
A 2024 appointment book designed for beauty professionals, such as Makeup Artists, hairstylist, nail techs and aestheticians! Comes with ample space to jot down client information. Plus you can completely customize the time slots.
2024 Planners + Appointment Books Launching 10.30 #planchicly
2024 Planners + Appointment Books
Someone Gifted Kylie Jenner Our Planner
A throwback to a day I'll never forget, when someone gifted Kylie Jenner one of my Plan Chicly Planners! Have you ever had a moment in your life where you had to pinch yourself to make sure it ACTUALLY happened? Yeah, that was this moment! So thankful that someone thought of my planner and that it would help her in some way. You truly never know what could happen if you keep going! #kyliejenner #planner #productivity
Why Luxury Products Cost More
The reason that luxury products cost more is because they're made from better quality materials! For example, the products we create aren't meant to be thrown away like $4 notebooks but rather meant to be kept forever, so you can look back at your notes, goals, and dreams and truly appreciate how far you've come. When you invest in yourself, you're making a decision that you're worth it and the goals and dreams you have are important enough to invest! #paper #notebook #stationery
Our Plan Chicly Mission
What's the reasons we exist? It's to make sure that you as a business owner have a place to get high quality, easy to use products that help make your planning and productivity a lot easier! That's been my mission since day one, and every time someone sends me a message saying how our products helped make their lives easier, it's music to my ears! #planner #productivity #notepad