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Cry of the soul by WolfRoad.deviantart.com on @deviantART

It is experimental work. Work in which I in life drew for the first time the person and the car. Mainly it was affected by my private life, and as fine artist David Mann.

Spirits of the Wild realm - Morgans Fae World

Spirits of the Wild realm - Morgans Fae World

Running wolf

I like this picture of the wolf because of how it looks so happy running in the snow. I like how the snow behind it is in the air. It makes the photo look like it is in motion.

Lone Wolf

Wolf Pencil Drawing This is so amazing. Wish I had this talent. Or even knew someone who did.

teen wolf afbeelding

That's why Scott's pack is better. No matter how different they all are, they are very good friends. And Scott is a true leader. Also, there used to be an Argent Hunter in the pack.