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Piroska Tekeres

Piroska Tekeres
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How To Make A Take Down Bow- http://thefansbeenhit.com/how-to-make-a-take-down-bow/ #TakeDownBow  #BowAndArrow  #BugOut

Two things – firstly this is far, far simpler and easier to build than it looks. Anyone with some basic DIY skills and common hand-tools should be able to manage to build this take-down bow, no bother at all. Secondly just because this take-down bow…

DIY // Tire Sandals

How to Make Your own sandals from old tires. Tire sandal instructions for the DIY sandal maker.

Leatherman Micra Multi Key Mod,  - add your keys without the jingle

Leatherman Micra Multi Key Mod, - add your keys without the jingle. Super Cool Idea, wasn't sure if should be under my Tactical Cool or Projects, either way I am goin to find a cheapo multi tool soon & modify it to fit keys

Hall or Basement Lights. I love this! I hate walking through the house when it's dark.

Random Enthusiasm 43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home: Add recessed hallway or basement lights are a much more polished alternative to night lights.

shoe racks

DIY: PVC Pipe Shoe Storage - so fun and so simple, could easily spray paint or cover in fabric or paper too. maybe a horizontal layout of two rows or something. I think this would be good for garage "yard shoes" storage