PiratesOfTheBeads Beadapholic

PiratesOfTheBeads Beadapholic

A few while ago I discovered beading design and that which firstly came as a game now it's an existance source for me and my family. I think that I'm a lucky
PiratesOfTheBeads Beadapholic
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In The End... Cuff/Bracelet  Miyuki Delica by PiratesOfTheBeads, $6.00

Beading Tutorial Pattern - In The End.

Hello Kitty Cuff/Bracelet  Miyuki Delica PDF by PiratesOfTheBeads, $6.00

New : Buying the pattern Hello Kitty you will receive as a gift the Hello Kitty Golden Edition. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a finished piece,

Taj Mahal Cuff/Bracelet  Miyuki Delica PDF by PiratesOfTheBeads, $6.00

Schemes bracelets with butterflies and patterns - Animals - Plans weaving beads - Treasury papers - Weaving beads jewelry, trees and flowers, the circuit u