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SAMSKIPTI: 14 leiðir til að takast á við neikvætt fólk

I have finally done this and it feels great! Negative people suck the life out of you and try to make your life, pure H* . Kill them with kindness but not ignorance. Forgive but never forget ;) One HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY lady!

keep calm the coffee is ready-by arzu

There are many methods to brewing that perfect cup of coffee, but how do you get the most out of your roast? If you want easy, there's the standard coffee pot.

keep calm and wait for payday / created with Keep Calm and Carry On for iOS

**VIDEO** post about implementing Writer's Workshop in your classroom!! Lots of great tips :)

Love the "I can't imagine life without" for their journal to intro our narrative unit--**VIDEO** post about implementing Writer's Workshop in your classroom! Lots of great tips

For a Martin Luther King Jr. Day on which there is news about the risks to us all from climate change, here is a Martin Luther King Jr.

Beautiful Bali!! Photo remix by Beautiful Places via @Slidely

I went to Bali to see for myself if finding love in such a small and chaotic place was really possible. I found it deep inside many of the Indonesians that I have met along the way.