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a creepy clown standing in front of a painting
Horror Anime, Movies, Zombies, Monsters & Demons
the joker in it's new trailer, which is set to be released on netflix
IT CHAPTER TWO Producer Teases "Amazing Scenes" From the Director's Cut
a creepy clown holding a red balloon
19 Movie Makeup Transformations That'll Blow Your Damn Mind
a creepy clown holding red balloons in front of a wooden fence with ivy growing on it
a creepy clown holding a lit candle in his hands
Why Is IT Chapter Two Set 27 Years After The First Movie?
an old photo of a man in a suit and tie with his hands folded out
Crítica | It – Capítulo 2 – Assusta, mas não se consagra como filme de terror da década.
a clown with his face painted white and holding two red balls in front of him
It: Capítulo 2 - Película (2019)
Welcome to Crystal Lake
a clown with red hair and white makeup is standing in front of two other people