One of the most popular cargo vans to convert and live in is the Mercedes Sprinter van. But we chose the Ford Transit instead for a few different reasons that we outline in this post! #vanlife #FordTransit #vanconversion Transit Camper, Converted Camper Van, Ford Transit Camper Conversion, Converted Vans To Campers, Ford Transit Campervan, Sprinter Van Camper, Converted Ford Transit Van, Camper Conversion, Ford Transit Camper
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Why We Bought a Ford Transit Instead of a Mercedes Sprinter Van - Truth of Traveling

We just bought a 2019 Ford Transit cargo van! We are so excited to convert this empty cargo van into our tiny home on wheels! After not having a permanent home for the last year we are so excited to have our own space that is not rented or shared! We have seriously forgotten what
Truth of Traveling

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