Quince CROWN   MY HAIR   MAKEUP   MY ROBE  MY QUINCE DRESS  MY SHOES  MY HEELS  MY VENUE    MY BOUQUET  THE INVENTIONS   MY NAILS   MY TEDDY BEAR  MY CAKE  TREAT TABLE  MY SURPRISE DANCE OUTFIT     CHAMBELANES OUTFIT  MORE  Pick a song for waltz Moonlight by Ariana grande Young and beautiful by Lana del Rey Song I want To Play-Cha Cha Slide, Caballo Dorado, Que Vuelvas, Bonita, Dance Order-Papi, Grandpa, Tio Carlos, Tio Omar, Mom, Mommy Venue- Moms house Quinceanera Damas Outfits, Surprise Dance Outfits Quinceanera Damas, Damas And Chambelanes Outfits, Quince Damas Dresses, Suprise Dance Outfits Quinceanera, Damas Outfits Quinceanera, Quinceanera Chambelanes Outfits, Baile Sorpresa Outfits Quinceanera, Quinceanera Surprise Dance Outfits