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Tattoos. This form of body art is now used as a means of expressing oneself. Both men and women wear tattoos for various reasons. To look stylish, to show their love for someone or just…

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This is a tattoo I'm itching to get. It means so much to me Just a simple phrase, because i let my fear choose my path

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42 Awesome and Best Literary Quote Tattoo from Modern Best Sellers

Temporary tattoo. Maybe as part of a Halloween costume? $5 for 2


Tattly sells temporary tattoos designed by professional artists and designers. Tattly temporary tattoos are safe and non-toxic, shipped out of Brooklyn, and made with vegetable-based ink.

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Family tattoos are special and significant, especially when they commemorate the birth or death of someone important. This is because tattoos about family represent love, unity, loyalty and respect. Some of our favorite family tattoo ideas and designs inc


How Much do Tattoos Cost? Besides choosing a tattoo because of its implied meaning,the cost of getting one is a significant factor that should be considered

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