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Life is Strange: Children of The Storm

lis-childrenofthestorm: “ “I’m sorry, Chlobear” Max said with no real conviction, her face full of a grin that Chloe almost struggled to remember, feeling like decades since the last time she had witnessed it, and it bolstered her own smile several.

Life Is Strange, Time Travel, Amber, Movies, Ivy

Life Is Strange, Time Travel, Chloe


boissb: “ I think that if this girls had met before they’d have been such a fun and cute group… but I imagine Chloe not having it easy sharing Max! Rachel making Chloe jelly sounds so cute to me hehehe ”

Life is strange

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Kate is only the most modest and best of characters // Life is Strange // Halloween Edition

Can't believe it took me more than 10 seconds to get that last part