Anja Konstantinova for Style Stalker “Baby’s on Fire” by Darren McDonald


I love it when they make good use of a cat in a fashion editorial. Also, new tattoo idea perhaps? Anja Konstantinova shot by Darren McDonald for Style Stalker.

Stalking Cat - Cat Sneaks up on the camera, via YouTube.

Watching my husband watch this video is super funny! Stalking Cat - Cat Sneaks up on the camera

Now ...waiting for

I need one of these this winter. A scarf that doubles as a hood for when it snows


Feline-Friendly Celebtography - Amanda Seyfried Elle April 2011 Editorial Gets Cozy With Animals (GALLERY)

Картинки по запросу ганнибал

Lubricate your dash carefully for this post iamnotswarley: “ Because I’m about to post some of my favorite Mads Mikkelsen pics. See, the thing about Mads Mikkelsen is that he is ridiculously HOT, but.

Pequeños amigos

Pequeños amigos

Sweet Friendship Between a Girl and Her Cat Russian photographer Andy Prokh has taken this sweet photo series of his daughter Katherine and their cat LiLu Blue Royal Lada…