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Hello Florida, I belong here.

There is not one MF walking this earth that is worth you lying awake at night feeling like you're not good enough.

Puss in Boots


You deserve people who make you feel loved and accepted because you are love and accepted

Stop talking about wanting a change and start moving toward that change.

Work quote: don't water a dead plant

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I hope you know you're capable and brave and significant.

I loooove my alone time. Many of us women miss this important part of our lives. Learning how to be alone means learning how to become happy within yourself.

Don\'t rush into love

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🙋🏾This chick right chea

Heartfelt Love And Life Quotes: 100 Quotes on beauty, make up & cosmetics.

That would be my man God

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Life Quote: Thinking is difficult thats why most people judge.

What I do, because I don't like is the competitive nature of some women. We are all doing our best, support and encourage. You go girl!

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Be happy, it drives everyone else crazy