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Hatshepsut, one of my favorite female ruler... Right up there with Queen Elizabeth I

themindofshmell: “ My List of Epic Queens (part Hatshepsut / Nefertiti/ Artemisia of Caria/ Cleopatra VII/ Livia Augusta/ Agrippina Minor/ Boudica Because I felt this lovely post was missing some.

Are you inspired by Greek mythology & its characters? Finding Greek mythology baby names to name your little one? Here is our list of 100 names you can choose from.

100 Wonderful Greek Mythology Baby Names

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t h e c h a r i t i e s were three goddesses of grace, beauty, adornment, joy, mirth, festivity, dance, and song. they were attendants of the goddesses aphrodite and hera, conceived as the goddesses who gave festive joy and enhanced the enjoyments of life by refinement and gentleness. gracefulness and beauty in social intercourse are therefore attributed to them. they were sometimes depicted in classical art with crowns of myrtle.

Photo essay of the story of orpheus mythology The Mythology of Orpheus and Eurydice essaysOrpheus and Eurydice is one of the popular Greek myths. The myth is about Orpheus

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Ancient Egyptian goddesses~Bast is the goddess of joy! I knew it! She definitely fills our lives with joy.

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The ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis is still revered today in many cultures around the world as the Mother of All.