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A girl's favorite songs will tell you more about how she feels than her lips ever will.

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Behind every girl's favorite song there is an untold story

Behind every girls favorite song there is an untold story. This is so true. My favorite song is Lost It All. by BVB


I love music. For me, music is morning coffee. It's mood medicine. It's pure magic. A good song is like a good meal - I just want to inhale it and then share a bite with someone else. We have tickets to your favorite concerts.

Sometimes Music!

At the moment music is the only thing that's keeping all of my thoughts together. The only thing keeping my mind from screaming. When the music stops all of the thoughts come flooding back

The best music makes you feel emotions like you have never felt before.

The best lyrics are the ones that give you goosebumps or make you cry in public or help you realize the answers. Country Music Quotes and Lyrics

All it takes is one song to bring back a thousand memories

All it takes is 1 song to bring back 1000 memories. So true

One of the best things in the world is rediscovering a song you forgot about.

Oh the cherished memories my ♥ holds. Music for young lovers . I listen to the old romantic songs and close my eyes and can feel like I am home and in someones arms dancing. The songs had meaning, a lot of slow songs, a lot of romance.