el mundo esta lleno de mounstros con caras amistosasy angeles llenos de cicatrices

The world is full of monsters with friendly faces and angels full of scars.

And music told me this: "Sometimes it's ok not to be ok. But it's not fine to sit around and blame yourself. Stand up and fight, you won't die from it!

My heart...somehow....it still works

I'm proud of My heart it's been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken but…

wanna...try me?? hahaa

Tokyo Ghoul~ Kaneki Ken// I'm trying this on so many people from now on


and now I'm just not surprised when people leave, I'm actually more surprised when they stay - my little monster quote


People call me an awful actor yet they don't know how well I'm playing them for fools

My biggest strength is my biggest weakness, my heart is simply too big. //I barely started watching this anime

Hahahehehe he he. I've never actually felt rejection, I'm just so afraid of it that I just kind of slid down the slide of heartlessness into the pit of emotionless people