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Gorgeous! Band tshirt with a tulle skirt that adds a very different texture. With the classic hat and the round glasses she tops the look off perfectly.

The punk style tribe is still around but from it has stemmed a different category, grunge. This was really popular in the and even today and uses elements of punk style like leather, chains, and band tees.

☯✰ have a dose of grunge, alternative & dark fashion ✰☯

'Man Standing' star NEVER the other way round like a 'goat head'!☯✰ have a dose of grunge, alternative & dark fashion ✰☯


An example of rock style, there's the vintage tee shirt, the grunge look with the plaid and the leather sleeves and pants. There is also the studded purse and shoes.

jaqueta jeans + flanela + shorts

grunge outfit oversized jean jacket with red flannel shirt paired under, black top with jean shorts space buns and circler glasses