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I participated on Werewolves at Hear's Theme Challenge Peoples gave descriptions of their undrawn characters, and others can now draw them.

Solace 2 by Goldenwolf.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A similar piece to "Solace" that I did for my BFF RedPaw, just after I met her now ten years ago! Here& to ten years my woman! (yes, ten years ago) Colored Pencil on Bristol paper.

...I like the eyes and grin... "The Wanderer by Sidonie on deviantART"

The online portfolio of Vanessa 'Sidonie' Hughes. Digital illustrator and fine artist, focusing on fantasy, wildlife, and nature.

The Hour of the Hunter by ~Nimrais

This is my contribution to the Werewolf Calendar Besides gloomy weather and puddles of mud, winter has also its beautiful sides Pre-orders for the calendar open September and the first

The Pathfinder by ~Kyndir on deviantART

Once, They lived easily without human interruption, protecting their territories more from other packs & predators than from human encroachment. As civilization pushed forward some assimilated to the hybrid life, later making their way to the frontier, wh

Werewolf comparison Grizzly by WolfSkullJack

As requested by Production studio [link] Im doing a series of werewolf species illustrations to show the different type of werewolves out there!

wolf smash by sioSIN.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

commission forToddWolfi made you angry hope you like it better than the other, really bad one this took forever wolf smash

The Last Strike by Emryswolf on deviantART

This took me a while to complete because of how picky I was being with the whole layout and the composure of their bodies. The Last Strike