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I can't handle how gorgeous this is!! (Oyster Mushrooms by Laura Berman 2011)

Art in Nature - pink oyster mushroom; organic texture surface pattern inspirations for design ~ More fungi to LOVE!

Perfecta armonia en la naturaleza del kiwi

Fractal symmetry in nature, Kiwi? (don't know if it is truly a symmetrical fractal, but it is beautiful. :) I like it because of the circle in the kiwi.

Translucent:  Allowing light to pass through, but not defined objects.

Dennis Wojtkiewicz’s Fruit Paintings

Citrus Series by Dennis Wotjkiewicz. Photorealistic fruit paintings Dennis Wojtkiewicz took his still-life paintings to another level when he decided to work with fruit. Attracted to the inside of pieces of everyday fruit—the seeds, veins, and the transl

black and white organic spiral images - Google Search

I love spider webs. Once, I was lucky enough to watch a large garden spider build it's web. It was awesome. I would love the chance to watch a spider build one like this!

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These transparent slices give a new perspective to the way in which one sees fruit. It is almost fantastical and surreal in some way. Transparent Fruits by Dennis Wojtkiewicz by EGIS on FEBRUARY 2013

Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz - Yeah that is a painting!

Fruit and Flowers Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Peeled by Scott Fraser. Oil on board, 27 x 8.25" | Private collection

yellow - peeled lemon - still life painting - Scott Fraser