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DIY Photo Light Box Steps

I'm planning on trying this myself for product photography (subbing the paper for more durable clear plastic cutting board sheets). Love this DIY setup!

make your own light box

Simply Cooked: Light Box for Staging Food Photography: Step-by-Step but good for minis too.

macro photography soft box trick - for small objects, just cut off the bottom from a plastic cup!

On photographing sea shells. TOG didnt’t have a soft box, but came up with this really simple trick and it’s an elegant (and cheap and handy) solution for small objects/macro. Cut the bottom off a white plastic cup, and presto! You have a soft box.

Foldio.  How am I just now hearing about this??                                [/raw]   [raw]// [/raw]


" Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures. It is a new level of possibilities in smartphone photography " [/raw] [raw]// [/raw]