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From oversized denim shirts to high-waisted vintage-inspired skinnies, LF Stores has got everything you need all rolled into one super-rad collection.


{Cindy and Jace} I sit at home, listening to all of the gossip in the world. Jace and Kaylee are divorced, Magnus Bane is losing his magic.

gorgeous - red maxi.

Ditch the pine tree air freshener, Febreze, or that offensive-spritzing plug in. We found something that ups the ante in the home smelling department. And it happens to be très fancy.

CORDELIA : Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave My heart into my mouth. - William Shakespeare, King Lear

here is an afternoon where the crows line our courtyard in a carcanet of black jaspers. here is a room where the hours slowly undress into years — scherezade siobhan, second generati


Janelle Cross, lived in Melody Cove her entire life, is the descendant of the fire statue, can withstand any and all fire and control it, but cannot produce it so she carries around a ruler

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Cute short haircuts the reason for them and how to find them So the fresh season turns up and the time is ripe to locate novel delightful short hairstyles