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my favorite finger.

fuck you! Tired of fucking fakes.

Pinkyo from Caro

"Handschrift" on Behance

I fucking hate exs, the on ex that I still consider a friend on asked me for nudes two called me babe like 7 days after. Honestly I'm sick and tired of the bullshit "love" has dragged into my life. Why can't anyone be a legit love of my life? Or why can't love be legit itself? Who fucking knows cause I sure as hell don't

Capa Zenfone 2 Fuck You

Friggin kewl or what!

flowers, rose, and black resmi

F*cking Classy Funny Sticker JDM Honda Drift car truck window laptop Decal

F*cking Classy Funny Sticker JDM Honda Drift car truck window laptop Decal

➪ "F cking Classy " Sticker. (Holds your decal or sticker together until it is applied).

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Hate That Feeling When You Cant Sleep funny quotes quote sleep funny quote funny quotes funny sayings looney toons humor

Frank buckshot in the kitchen. You know what they say begins in the kitchen??? Spaghetti sauce of awsomeness !

A minion cooking i have a bad feeling what's he cooking


They actually have to take a class to learn how to do it perfectly so that all the signatures will match in the kids' books!===== I have most of these signatures in my Disney Autograph book :)

What some people should learn when I say I'm tired

Tips To Relieve A State Of Depression

SEED OF HEALING SADNESS ~ “The saddest kind of sad is the sad that tries not to be sad. You know, when Sad tries to bite its lip and not cry and smile and go, “No, I’m happy for you? That’s when it is really sad.

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