Lookin for uh...

Hand painted wood Fairytale quote sign by VintageCreekStudio. I want this and I just have to say that fairy tales present themselves in different ways and versions. Think outside of the traditional fairytales and look at the fairy tale you may be living.

I truly cannot wait to marry you baby!

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You're my favorite... ;)

Dear JP, my Future Husband who I cherish and adore ❤️ You're my favorite everything, my favorite pair of eyes, my favorite name to see appear on my phone, my favorite way to spend an afternoon . You're my favorite everything.

Blue, my favourite colour

You make my skies blue baby. All it takes for my day to go from ordinary to awesome is to see your smile. Hope you are having a nice night and get to bed early. You are on my mind as always! I love you so much!

"Are You mad?" "Not really." "Why do I feel like You are?" "Because You are a woman and stress about those things are Your speciality. Im not sad mad or angry. And if I am Ill find a way past it because I dont want You to blame Yourself. I needed to vent so relax."

For a while you were like a summer vacation getaway beach house. You are my home. And I want to stay with you forever.

There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. All you have to do is ask it of me.

I am not in a very good place today.wana keep u away from the depressions and sickness of my life and infact everyone.ill text in a bit. I really wish u have a good life mick.i wish and hope I don't ruin it with my sickness.

even on bad days, i'll still be happy with you.

You make all my bad days better. Just knowing you love me and will always be there for me when you can, means the world!

.:) ((( <3 )))  :)   v^v <3 v^v...

Honestly felt this way when Matt picked me up for our first date. Heart skipped a beat. All that stuff you read about

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Ja mein Haseohne Hände...das haben wir echt gut draufund jetzt stell es dir mal mit unseren Händen vorich würde sagen, das wäre sehr elektrisierendvllt. würde es knallen und zischenwo wir dann wieder beim Böller wären ich liebe Feuerwerke Hasemaus,ich finde unsere Art uns zu lieben als etwas ganz Besonderes,es ist wunderschön mit dirund dennoch möchte ich dich auch mal wieder sehenich liebe dich mein Engelich küsse dich ganz zärtlich

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Short circuit would be the word! Lol... sj

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