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fox under the moon...

KITSUNE ~ Arctic Fox - Before dawn, a brilliant full moon illuminates the snowy landscape of Churchill, Monitoba, Canada. The fox's coat changes color with the seasons; as the snow melts it begins to turn grayish brown.


Seven fox species photographed in their natural environment -- Pictured: the arctic fox as photographed by William Doran

* * " Haz yoo ever seens a beautiful animal robbed of its life ands nots think dat nature ands de world wuz robbed of itz too?"

Dernières lueurs d'hiver

Foxy -- Reminds me of Brother David--he loved the wild animals and God's purpose they served.

Polar bear. So cool!!

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What does the fox say? The fox says, "I'm gorgeous!" → ~~Wild beauty ~ red fox by Olga Gladysheva~~

Arctic Fox

Hungry Arctic Fox--critically endangered species in the Scandinavian areas of Norway, Sweden, and Finland - a mere 120 adult foxes remaining.

Arctic Fox

Sempre achei minha Westie parecida com a raposa branca da Antartica 💙

Renard blanc

Scientific Name: Vulpes lagopus Description : The Arctic fox is the smallest member of the wild canid families in Canada. It measures between 75 and 115 cm in length with the long, bushy tail representing 30 to of its total length.