lampeczki from plastic bottles

DIY: Plastic Bottle Owl Vase - you never know, I might get bored around a bunch of empty plastic bottles.

Have you got a lot of plastic bottles at home or in the backyard? Then it is time for you to take them all out from there and convert them into beautiful toys for your kids or as collections! You are going to adore these beautiful...

This Plastic Bottle Owl Craft is such an easy diy and the whole family will love to make one. Check out the Plastic Bottle Piggy Banks too.

Porta auriculares.

Slice small plastic bottle down sides, leaving base as a hinge. Use screw cap to close.

ELEPHANT and SNAIL frames FISH and FLOWER frames Caterpillar frame Do you have many old CDs you don’t...

Kids’ Photo Frames – FROM OLD CDs (krokotak)

Kids’ Photo Frames – FROM OLD CDs good ideas for any of those parent gifts we are supposed to get the kids to make Más

Afrikaanse maskers

Recycling Plastic Detergent Bottles or Milk Jugs into Stunning Masks⭐⭐⭐màscara, reciclatge

Heike P

DIY Beat summer holiday boredom and transform a plastic bottle into a cute kitty planter. Just add seeds or a potted plant and the kids can watch it grow – a purrrfect activity for rainy days.

CactiRocks_8  (Found on - love that site!! This Cacti Rock idea orig. came from Brie and her blog Like The Cheese.  A cool craft idea to do with the kids. Or without! - jk ;)

Diy: Painted Rock Cacti

So cute for a dramatic play decor when camping or gardening. DIY Painted Rock Cacti from Martha Stewart Craft Paint