GRANDES ACTORES Y ACTRICES de Hollywood: Marlon Brando )( Filmografia )( ACTOR )

July 2004 - Marlon Brando, actor ("The Godfather", "A Street Cart Named Desire" and "On the Water Front") died at Brando died of respiratory failure from pulmonary fibrosis with congestive heart failure at the UCLA Medical Center. From Omaha Ne

Marlon Brando - he knows I can't resist a mustache

Oh gracious, the open collar, the rolled up sleeves, the crinkly eyes, the NECK!

Marlon Brando and Movita (wife #2) pregnant with their son Miko. #Brando

If you were born in that year Marlon Brando married for the time to Mexican/American actress Movita Castaneda.

Yul Brynner as King Mongkut of Siam in "The King and I"

The King and I (1956)

Yul Brynner as King Mongkut of Siam in The King and I ~ One of my all time favorite Classic Love Stories/Musicals his baritone voice ~Loved! My Mother was fortunate to see The King and I on stage!

Yul Brynner (after) by Truus, Bob & Jan too!, via Flickr

Yul Brynner - actor known for the films "The Magnificent Seven" , "The Ten Commandments" ," The King and I" for which he won an Oscar and "Westworld" . He died on Oct 1985 from lung cancer at the age of