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If you do not find this rib cracking funny, there is something seriously wrong with you.

Why isn't this a thing?

Why isn't this a thing?> They’d find various spices a few pans and various microwaveable things. Nothing really decent since I just ate the really cool stuff.

Well my mom indirectly encouraged me to let out my inner psychopath, but every family is different


355 word essay Telephone is no doubt one of the important devices of communicating messages in a relatively short period, messages can be sent through letters and telegrams as well.

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Haha, that's too fun

It's not a triple pun, it's just a normal pun.<< no but the weather itself may be under 18 degrees


If you ever feel unloved remember that my friends told me once that they'd sell me to Beetlejuice for 2 potatoes and half a goat


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