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Internet, meet your new favorite dad. We haven't seen a dad like this since Jason Lee.

Dave Engledow's Awesome Father Daughter Portraits

Unfortunately, by the lap, the World's Best Mother had already consumed almost all of the victory champagne. kitchen counter 500 by Dave Engledow

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One of many of Dave Engledow's Awesome Father Daughter Portraits

Dave Engledow's Awesome Father Daughter Portraits

"I was disappointed that the recent Time magazine article declined to even mention the theory of detachment parenting, which basically involves allowing Alice Bee to do whatever she wants while I pay attention to something else." <-- Too funny!

this guy's photos with his daughter are awesome.  Check them out... I've already been looking for 20 minutes.

Citing numerous violations including forced mandatory nap time and an hourly fruit snack rate that falls well below the legal minimum standards, Alice Bee has decided that May Day is the perfect opportunity to express her frustrations with management.

Is Dave Engledow the world's best father? The hilarious photo collection featuring Engledow and his young daughter, Alice Bee, in a series of precarious situations might suggest the exact opposite.

Photog creates CRAZY FUNNY photos of daughter

Dave Engledow is raising funds for World's Best Father 2013 Calendar on Kickstarter! This project will allow me to produce a 2013 calendar of the top images from the World's Best Father photo series featuring Alice Bee.

Не матерись

Dave Engledow proclaimed himself "World's Best Father" to his daughter, Alice Bee. He has turned his hilarious photo series into a book called Confes …

You’ll never be as cool as Irondad…via the metapicture #Irondad

You’ll never be as cool as Irondad…

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This photo made my day. The caption on the website said he and his daughter had to say goodbye to his wife who was going on a one year unaccompanied tour to Korea. What a great dad! If you can find the website, worth a look at all the pictures.

unaccompanied tour by Dave Engledow. This guy has some AMAZING photography skills!

Though Engledow doesn't work as a photographer full-time — he's deputy director at the nonprofit Working America — he received a photojourna...

This Dad's Pictures With His 3-Year-Old Show Just How Hilarious It Is To Be A Father

Though Engledow doesn& work as a photographer full-time &mdash; he& deputy director at the nonprofit Working America &mdash; he received a photojournalism degree from the University of Texas.

Dave Engledow

Dave Engledow on Fotoblur


el mejor padre del mundo (o el que más fotos se hace con su hija)

Thanks, easter bunny! Apparently, the Easter Bunny forgot to boil Alice Bee's eggs. Oh well, at least there were no problems with my chocolate eggs.

Fotoblur - iDad by Dave Engledow  Great gallery of Father/Daughter pics

IDad - Installing video chat on all our devices has totally allowed me to take my parenting skills to the next level. Even when I'm updating my status or checking sports scores online, I can still make sure Alice Bee is eating all her peas.

Engledow dijo que habitualmente toma las fotografías suyas y las de Alice por separado y después edita la fotos juntas. Tomar las fotos puede tomar una hora o dos, pero la edición toma entre cinco a 20 horas. | Las fotos de este papá con su hija de 3 años muestran lo divertido que es ser padre

Las fotos de este papá con su hija de 3 años muestran lo divertido que es ser padre

You have probabbly already met the photographer Dave Engledow and his daughter Alice Bee. He became famous through the series of creative photographs titled “World’s best father” which are now enriched with some more new pics.

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The World's Best Father - David Engledow - Serie photos hilarante