No desfiladeiro Antílope a formação geológica foi gradualmente perfurada devido à passagem de correntes de água, e suas paredes chegam a até 40 m de altura. Na foto seção superior da garganta: The Crack (A Fenda).

Located near Lake Powell area, Arizona- -Antelope Canyon is apparently one of the most breathtaking places on earth. It is also known as a “slot canyon” or “Corkscrew Canyon” and has been described as the most photogenic place in the world.


Antelope Slot, Canyon Arizona, USA - A list of 25 beautiful places and things to see around the world.

The Tunnel of Wisteria in Kawachi, Japan

Tunnel of wisteria blossoms, Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Fukuoka, Japan. Japan in the spring.wonder if these bloom at the same time the cherry blossoms do?

Everyone has an inner fire - what color does yours burn?

What Color Is Your Inner Fire?

El Cañón del Antílope por Gregory Boratyn

Boratyn Gregory , an American developer photographer in his spare time, makes us rediscover the Antelope Canyon, one of the most famous and most photographed canyons of southwestern United States.

Divine Temple Antelope Canyon, AZ

Pink & Orange - Divine Temple - Canyons & Arches - The Work

Antelope Canyon: Arizona

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