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Contrary to the common belief, anchor tattoo doesn't only belong to sailors or anyone has a job related with the sea. It is also prefered by sea lovers and

Cutest tattoo I've done to date :)

Small anchor tattoo with heart best friend tattoos. Scott was mad at Karen when we talked about doing this. He said, "The only anchor in your life should be your husband." Guess we should look at some of the other designs

Mother Daughter Son Tattoos 3585.jpg

Mother Daughter Son Tattoos 3585.jpg

kleine tattoos anker schrift am fuß frauen tatoo motive

Roman Tattoo Received at Gothic Tattoo in NH Took about 30 min Shading didn't hurt, the outlining did.

By Mary in Faith, Hope & Love

Christian Clipart Church Symbols Cross Equals Love Faith Hope Love Holy Spirit Fish Salt And Light Communion Vector Jpg Png Images 10744

tatouage chat et empreintes de pattes- contours épais ou contours fins

Tatouage chat original en styles variés - 39 idées créatives

Anker-Tattoo dezent auf dem Unterarm-innen, puristisch

matching tattoo's with someone you can count on to be your anchor. Britt, i like the style of this one

Roman numerals siblings tattoos!

I have 4 other siblings and we have always wanted to get a tattoo to symbolize our relationship. Currently we love the idea of getting roman numerals .