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A true Master of the Art is ageless.

o sensei morihei ueshiba, Aikido last public demonstration, January 1969 at the age of later part of his life teaches the unification of ki in aikido.

Ip Man Wing Chun

anyway my favorite photos of the old grandmaster are the ones where he’s just relaxing.


Mada Krav Maga teaches realistic hand to hand combat that uses the quickest methods to attack the weakest and most vital targets of both armed and unarmed assailants.

December 29, 2016. A challenging lesson I am very much willing to learn. Thank you.

How to communicate with people who don't use the same language. Which btw, is arguably not the one and only superior true language, but a bunch of arbitrary rules. Everyone has their own consistent language

There have been a litany of articles written recently discussing how the stock market is set for a continued bull rally.  The are some primary points that are

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And people think Chuck Norris is awesome! Well my friends, Bruce Lee out does Chuck Noris by 10000000000000000000000 so in other words infinitely better!