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But you can't look at him without feeling just a little spark in your heart..

Thats what I wanted and I was okay with being just friends but josh (ex bf) he messed it up he asked me out then broke up with me and it hurts so bad

Live Life Happy: Honest feelings and bad timing make the most painful combination. - Unknown Tagged with: Feelings , Life , Truth

I'd settle for just friends to take away some of the pain .... Seems there's not a chance of even that much ....

Someone from Kenosha, Wisconsin, US posted a whisper, which reads "Ever love someone so much, you'll settle for being friends just to have them in your life?

Very true very true I always feel that way

I can't talk to you anymore, its not that I'm mad at you. Its just when I talk to you I realize how much I love you. Then I figure out that I can't have you.

Can't say who until I know wat she actually feels about me. Not sure I'd share her for while. The jealous n negative ones get to those close to me to get to my heart n bash it.. Time is of the essence... Time is so close..time is near....time...:-)

Can't say who until I know wat he actually feels about me. The jealous n negative ones get to those close to me to get to my heart n bash it. Time is of the essence.

Every hour,  every minute, every second and it hurts. It fucking hurts.

The truth is, I stopped talking to you, not because I dont like you anymore, but because I thought I was annoying you. And Im just waiting f

Omg. My stomach hurts...feels like I'm gonna die

Hearing your voice, seeing you smile it kills me every minute not having you to talk to. I know it's my fault but id give anything to talk to you Shell!

i do miss you, but i'm trying my best to stop

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