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me forget lost depressed depression sad lonely alone you or broken is something that fucked up don't can't sadness break someone worry Who breaking because About blade already making sadden

Thats why I avoid mirrors

People feeling suicidal can have strong feelings of worthlessness, keep reassuring them you care about them & you'll help them through this. it helps

past most of the tears every now and then they come back recently and i lie sating i haven't cried in a while bc then they'll fake care they won't actually care they'll just do all the lying small talk not the deep tru stuff -R

lost death depressed sad suicide pain hurt eating disorder alone crying self harm hopeless cutting ana mia moments tears empty useless worthless disappointment emotionless

depressed depression sad lonely pain hurt alone broken thoughts cut cutting self-harm upset sadness depressing memories worthless relatable torn failure nobody cares unwanted unloved damaged

Omdssss yessss idk i tell myself shit tha ent truuu buh i cnt stop myselfffff

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Ok. but I have and will lie to you about it Some days. If you really listen to me, if you really know ME - you will know if I am lying.