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Thats why I avoid mirrors

People feeling suicidal can have strong feelings of worthlessness, keep reassuring them you care about them & you'll help them through this. it helps

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not abandoned, but shameful

If your mind is telling you this it is all lies. God says you are worthy, you are special, you are the apple of his eye. He loves you no matter what you've done.


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I usually add "the reason I don't commit suicide is I can't figure out a foolproof way"  This isn't a cry for help, fuck that, I want off this merry-go-round

"I'm ready to die I'm not suicidal and I don't want to take my own life but I'm just ready for it to be over I feel like I have nothing to live for Does that make sense?" I feel like I'm not able to take my life, but if a car was coming I wouldn't care

I do this, all the time. Ugh.

"I think too hard and overanalyze everything and as a result, I create these problems in my head that don't even exist" So true, I do this sometimes.

This picture is exactly how depression feels once it starts. It pulls you in strong and painfully and it's terrible and hard to let go of and overcome

“I’m so ashamed of myself all the time. I just feel like I’m worthless and replaceable.”

12 Depression Quotes That Can Help Others Understand What You’re Going Through

“I’m so ashamed of myself all the time. I just feel like I’m worthless and replaceable.