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Steel Pipe and PVC Hub Connectors This is the classic way to connect geodesic struts together. A hole is drilled in the flattened ends then bolted together.To accommodate a drilled ho

XLG Geodesic Dome Connector Kits using 2x4's (not included). $149.00 Need 165 four foot lengths of 2 x 4's to go with this kit so that would be eighty three 2 x 4's

Solardome Geodesic Glass Domes for everything from greenhouses to rooftop getaways.

Build a PVC 20-Foot Functional Geodesic Dome

How to make your own functional geodesic dome in your backyard with PVC pipe. Because why wouldn't you want to do that? I see this as a cool, movable chicken run with the right covering over it. Can even build in perches.

These are domes that people have built using the Geo-Dome plans. The dome covered in glass and used as a conservatory.

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The first rotegrity, based on the icosahedron, introduced in by Richard Boyt 30 bands Using these dimensions will produce a sphere of unit radius

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3v 5/8 Geodesic Dome Calculator

3 Frequency Geodesic Dome Plans - How to Build a Geodesic Dome Kit - Zip Tie Domes