☼ nσt єvєn thє ѕun cαn ѕhínє αѕ вríght αѕ чσu ☼

this would happen if I wasn't so freakishly tall 😣 he's still taller than me by two inches tho 🙈

Couple Phone Cover Photos

Couple idea: His & Her's cell phone backgrounds of their couple pictures split to see the significant other; when the phones are set next to each other it is the whole/entire/original picture - So Cute!

tall boy short girl - Google Search

This remind me of you.💘 Dispite of the hard times, we never stop loving each other that's cause we know we are best for each other.

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Yeah.. everytime she is mad at you..hug her,kiss her, lift her up and make her feel loved..

You picked me up with one arm and carried me off. We fought quite often but it usually ended well .