•you are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good• @livylane

In sickness or in health. - scene inspiration for bestselling author Angela M. Shrum's upcoming novel, A Burst of Flames (Flares)


I can't wait to have this moment again. This looks like the most satisfying view ever baby fever at its finest!

(Open RP, be him?) I woke up to him kissing my forehead. "Good morning," I said groggily. "Hey, beautiful. How are you today?" He asked, knowing I had cancer, and not much time left to live. "I'm okay. It's getting better, though." I lie. The doctors said I'd be fine. They lied. (Credit to: KittyCatCreeper)

He walked into her room hoping she'd be awake. He saw she was sleeping and walked up to her. He grabbed her hand and held it. He smiled and bent over and kissed her on the head.

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Relationship goals - love is all you need and love is all around us, so don't be alone ale be inspire with your love by this lovely photos!