15 Convincing Reasons Tom Hiddleston Is An Actual Disney Prince

15 Convincing Reasons Tom Hiddleston Is An Actual Disney Prince

Just another reason to love Tom Hiddleston - he takes the time not only to read what his fans send him, but also to write love letters back, via Twitter. =) <3

This man's use of language is described by this quote: "Don't underestimate the seductive power of a good vocabulary. I try to have a good vocabulary. This is really nice to know he appreciates us.

Tom Hiddleston problems <-- nope I think a lot of us Tea drinkers fear this...

Tom Hiddleston problems

No I wouldn't #TakeMeMyBodyIsReady

*can't breath* *calms down bc realizes it's not real* *sad bc it's not real* (I second this comment) of course you can

... I really don't need to comment...

If Tom Hiddleston were the Old Spice Guy.<<<<~ I wish Tom was the old spice guy.

Can Mr. Hiddleston hold classes for men on how to properly treat a lady? Seriously.

This man is awesome! Tom Hiddleston continues to treat ladies with respect while others are so negative about them. I hope a lot of people look up to him and realize that this is how to treat someone to get respect

hahahahaha that's awesome

Funny pictures about Thor or Loki. Oh, and cool pics about Thor or Loki. Also, Thor or Loki.

Me reading a really good book and someone dies but i try to think of my otp but no...

Me: *looks up at him w/o readable expression* Loki: You hate me, too, don't you? Loki: I'm a frost giant. *hugs Loki* Loki: *so surprised he actually hugs back*