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I didnt believe it so i imdb it (my movie god) and its not true. Baby Harry from movie 1 is played by the saunders triplets and young albus severus is played by arthur bowen.

HARRY POTTER!!!! wow like this last one...... makes me love Harry potter even more because of how true!

Harry Potter fun facts --OMG the Doctor Who one! I didn't breath for like 20 seconds, I was just smiling like an idiot.

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I knew it! Everyone told me it just happened to be a random snake, but I knew Harry set Nagini free! However, the snake in the first movie had a male voice; Nagini is a female snake. Voldemort said so himself in the 4 book.

"I like that chick. We went to a party once." Haha! xD GIVE LUNA MORE CREDIT SHES AMAZING but this is still cute anyway

You act like Harry named the children by himself; Luna is Ginny's best friend, of course her daughter is named partially after her.

Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) both improvised so effectively in the Chamber of Secrets at ages 15 and 12

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The least successful hp movie made 90 million more then the most successful twilight movie. Hp obsession can not be stopped (Favorite Movies)

Harry potter facts. I find it interesting that Daniel, Emma, and Rupert's favorite HP books are earlier in the series.

I find it interesting that Daniel, Emma, and Rupert's favorite HP books are earlier in the series. Personally, my favorite HP book is The Order of the Phoenix.

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Harry Potter Facts Part -Erm. Just realized half of 7 was cut off. It was about Nearly Headless Nick if you didn't catch on to that one. As you may have rea harry potter facts Part seven

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Tschida Idk if you knew this but there's a harry potter marathon on. I felt this post was also fitting for the special occasion


Why do I also find the fact that Voldemort not having a nose funny? I love Voldemort nose jokes!

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I disagree with Because of the horcruxes, Voldemort was never dead. He only used the potion to give himself a proper body again. Like Dumbledore says, no spell or potion can bring back the dead.<< But these are all facts

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I really want to call the Hogwarts Hotline (obviously the dog being up for adoption is long over) Professor McGonagall is the same age as my