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Hey I wanted to see too! V///V

adam taurus and blake belladonna, i can't even imagine what his face looks like

monkeying around pt. 1

RWBY- its weird. I thought I would hate Sun but he's tolerable and I actually ship him with Blake. :) << I like Sun! don't ship him with Blake really though

Portada de RWBY

I really like how they drew this! by Sorimachi tofu I was addicted RWBY. Combat is cool! It if someone doesn't know what RWBY is then they might think Weiss is ruby ruby is Weiss Blake is yang and yang is Blake!

GD yang by shami-heart

I guess you could say she's measuring up her opponent>>> Bud dum crash

#RWBY, Season 3, Chapter 9: Destiny, Penny Pollendina, Penny death

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from RWBY Interested in a commission like this? check this…