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This is a lack of color I guess, but it's it cool? Click on it, and it's animated to look like it's snowing. I hope I don't see this through my windshield on my next road trip.

With the lights of the Circus shining on them, a clouded sky filled with snowfall make it look as if the moon has shattered into a thousand pieces, and is raining down upon the snowy landscape,.

Mini Forrest

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Night Sky: { Promise } x Katsuma Narisawa

Together with the Stars -- the magical and surreal Altiplano salt flat of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia . the high plateau at an elevation turns into a perfect mirror after any rainfall during the rainy season from Feb.

dragon realistic tiny - Szukaj w Google

Writing Prompt: Then the tiniest dragon landed on his finger. // I WANNA PET IT

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68.media.tumblr.com c30dc028ad40c9e83af41df9e4440d7d tumblr_oue1htkbHD1tmfbmco4_r1_400.gif

The girl never told anyone about her gift. She didn't say anything. She couldn't. Her voice was the price of her powers and for the sake of the world, it was a price she had to pay.

See like this, what do you think this girls story is. How did she get her powers? Pictures like this are excellent writing prompts