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La muerte de Neil Armstrong nos recuerda la portada de aquel 21 de julio de 1969 cuando el hombre pisó la Luna / Neil Armstrong's death reminds us that cover of July 21, 1969 when man landed on the moon

Here are 28 newspaper headlines that document history’s most important moments—headlines so momentous that anyone reading them knew that the.

From the collection in the den overlooking Dutch Buffalo Creek. JFK remembered.

23 Front Pages From 1963 Covering "The Day President Kennedy Was Assassinated" . The Daily News.

This is the Customs and Immigration Form filled out by Apollo 11 astronauts upon returning from the moon. No joke!

NASA’s Customs declaration form for “Moon rock and Moon dust samples” signed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins

The Vault Of The Atomic Space Age

At dawn on 15 October the British detonated the first atomic bomb on the Australian mainland at Emu Field, about 480 kilometres north west of Woomera in the desert of South Australia.

Un buen momento para recordar esta #portadahistorica

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Newspaper Article of the Bombing of Japan in the 1940's

Cover of the Boston Herald newspaper announcing the atomic bombing of Nagasaki by U. August (Large Version) - Pictures and Illustrations - The Scientific War Work of Linus C.

News of the World: DIANA DEAD | August 31, 1997 | Such a beautiful and compassionate young woman and mother.

Diana influenced many with her fashion and after her death it could have influenced more to dress the same. News of the World: DIANA DEAD