Sketchs - Andrea Voiculescu

Monochrome sketches with pops of pantone colour + exploded drawings / elevations.


This minimalist drawing incorporates much emotion and feeling with only a simple amount of line work and strokes, and is very effective at revealing the atmosphere of/around the building to the viewer.

Vila Bunescu The most beautiful house in Bucharest, built by architect Horia Creanga

Architectural Sketches

White marker against black background exemplifies the architectural sketches as they are heavily contrasted.

Modular Rustic Cottage (9)

To bring modular home additions to great outdoors, Danish studio Onen and Swedish company Add-A-Room have put their heads together to bring rustic cottage style and additional living space.

The following sketch displays the differences in crosshatching techniques along with shading techniques and how each can enhance the appearance of a surface. This can help in determining whether a surface is rough, soft, fragile, grainy, smooth, etc.

Godoy House / Hernandez Silva Arquitectos

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