With his characteristic stencil techniques Banksy has created variations on the theme of a girl with a balloon, but the most famous of these is the one discovered in the South Bank of London in 2002 on the wall of a stairway. In this work an innocent girl is reaching for a red heart-shaped balloon that is just beyond her grasp, and the words “there is always hope” are placed behind the girl.

Girl With a Balloon Banksy Stencil

Go. Live.

September Goals

Since my schedule is a bit all over the place right now, I’m just now realizing that it’s officially, finally September. Looking back on all my adventures this summer (Paris,…

Swan_Tattoo by SilverCelticKat

swan tattoo design, something I would highly consider getting since it is my mothers maiden name


Flying High On The Wings Of The Sky~ ©Cristie Henry (The Night's Long Journey) ~by so dans le boudoir


I literally have always loved weeping willow trees, this just goes to show how amazing they are

PUSTEBLUME WANDTATTOO Mädchen wall Wand Aufkleber von viilou auf

Wandaufkleber MÄDCHEN MIT PUSTEBLUME Wandsticker

PUSTEBLUME WANDTATTOO Mädchen wall Wand Aufkleber von viilou auf

Image result for fairy tattoo silhouette goth

Have her blowing my butterflies up to another fairy, with colored ones by me to represent my girls