Bla la la la la

❄️Let it go❄️<<< The struggle. Choosing which board to put this on. My Big Hero 6 board or Frozen board. The struggle. / Elsa and Baymax in Elsa's costume / fist bump!

This is so me, the one who isn't bone skinny and has no boyfriend. I love my life.

Disney 30 day challenge day Favorite kiss- Merida and this apple have a wonderful kiss!

Let it go!

First thing I thought was when I saw Elsa get rid of her cape was "I liked that Cape!" but I then "No capes darling." XP <- ah yes, Edna Mode has been here.

Didney Wurl ~

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16 Disney Movie Scenes Paused At Exactly The Right Moment… Tip: Don't pause Disney movies Cx

As much as I despise Elsa and Frozen, she finally has brought up the one major flaw of Disney movies. OH and you too Eugene xD

You don't have to say something just kiss me slowly

Just realized i don have a frozen board oops i do now :)