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we could learn a thing or 2 from these boys

Well there's our fandom for ya  we find out everything...everything

I don't even know if this is truth but it really would not surprise me if the directioner fan got their skin tones

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I'm sorry to my friends who love Justin Bieber, and hate One Direction. Its just my opinion, it doesn't mean I don't like JB, its just I like a lot more.

That's true!! Although I don't have Twitter I am getting in 3 years so....  I will always do that!!!!!!!

This guy should get an award! He understands. He is clearly a genius.

From M Mag... Facts 3

hahahaha I would try on dresses then ride the escalators then jump on a bed find the perfect pillow and fall asleep.

yup but they don't like Niall Or zayn only Harry Liam and Louis and have no clue who Kevin or Paul or josh are.

Actually most of my friends hate them and the rest don't care.