Babydoll - O.M.G!! - CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! (I wonder if they can be house trained??)   ;)

you uncouth terry cloth. you shaggy ball of wigs. you contemptuous scoundrel. you tongue wagging irredeemable hoofer. you expired coupon turned mammal. how dare you. how dare you. how dare you

oso panda rojo bebe - Buscar con Google

Located in China and Nepal, the red panda. or Shining Cat, inhabits tree tops. The red panda was originally placed in the raccoon and bear.

I saw the video on this, and this piglet was born with the heart shaped spot, it's a female and was born in england. The farmer was trying to give her to a good home. She's so cute...

Valentine’s Day, here is a pig with heart pretty, but I don't know about hearts on pigs!

Gah! I want one!!!!

OMG this baby skunk is sooooo cute! Skunks are so cute but so annoying w/ their goddamn stink sacks :/


ratons laveurs - raccoon babies by beth & jeremy jonkman

Elephant and Calf - Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India

Elephant and Calf // Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India // Would Love To Go On Safari In India