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Never a failure, always a lesson . Perfect quote and placement. Very close to exactly what I want but different font and always a lesson underneath never a failure so it is more narrow, less width and 2 lines

Rib Tattoos for Girls 29

30 Rib Tattoos for Girls Design Ideas

30 Rib Tattoos for Girls Design Ideas. Rib is a best place on the body to get tattooed. Having a tattoo on Rib is very popular with girls.

"Fluctuat Nec Mergitur" meaning "She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink".

love the saying "fluctuat nec mergitur" (she is tossed by the waves but does not sink) diff language

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"With every heartbeat". With every heartbeat. do something you love; make the most of life; appreciate the life you have and every heartbeat you're given; with every heartbeat, invest your heart and soul.


Faith Tattoo Quotes on Rib, Accept what is, Let go of what was, And have faith in what will be

47 Inspiring Quote Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get Inked ...

Arrow & Quotes Tattoo on Rib, Girls Side Tattoos – The Unique DIY tattoo quotes which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY tattoo quotes ideas on arrow tattoos, rib tattoo quotes to Personalize yourselves.

And she loved a little boy very very much even more than she loved herself <3

“And she loved a little boy very, very much, even more than she loved herself” mother's tattoo . A quote from “The Giving Tree” By, Shel Silverstein. Quote about sons.mine would say And she loved her son's very much, much more than herself.