concept idea for guest room closet doors

In this master bath, a wall of custom-designed closets and drawers eliminates the need for a separate dressing room. Like this idea

all white would be good - floating shelves are nice. maybe ones that move up and down to fit different things

Fitted wardrobes and bookcases in London, shelving and cupboards - Fitted Wardrobes in London, Bookshelves,…

portes de remplacement garde robe den

yES_ DO THIS for my t-shirt drawers in my closet, behind a door.but do teh little half drawer pull out ones,,.bc its easier to pull out the whole stack.I like the concept of built-in drawers in the closet by miles redd

vraie-fausse armoire avec portes anciennes

Fabriquer une armoire avec des portes anciennes en bois

another good look for 'his dressing room/lounge' built in - maximizes the space floor to ceiling, wall to wall.


These for our wall of closet. Wall of built-in closets in master bedroom of Isabel and George Blunden London renovation